The main purpose of the School is to offer to international students and scientists at the beginning of their career a unique possibility to learn, in a relatively short time and by direct interaction with highly qualified experts, the novel trends and the latest developments at the frontier of science where fundamental physical effects, advanced materials, novel device concepts and methodologies in nanotechnology can lead to innovative solutions for facing the needs and the challenges of a futuristic electronics employing superconducting phenomena and technologies.


The aim of the School is strongly motivated by general societal challenges that are currently met if one considers the tremendous increasing trend of data demands. For instance, the present computing technology based on CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) switching devices and normal metal interconnects may not be able to address the growing needs of the digital information volume. Emerging innovation solutions are required for such request, and a promising prospect can arise by superconducting based technologies. One of the targets of the School is to provide a basic learning platform within this framework.


The School is mainly devoted to post graduate students but young industry professionals are welcome as well. Among the various impact objectives, the School aims to provide to the participants important network and career opportunities, which can be of great value and benefit for the European and the international superconductivity community at large.


Another important aspect of the School is to bridge the world of fundamental phenomena and advanced materials to technological applications with the aim to provide a background and a vision on futuristic concept devices and related applications. Such target will be carried out by benefiting of the lecturing by consultants from the Industry and the entrepreneurial environment with distinct expertise on superconducting technologies.